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An Adventurous Snail Mail

Introducing Belle Regalia Snail Mail! A themed penpal service that's all about self care, slowing down and enjoying yourself. The idea behind this is to receive something in the mail that takes time to enjoy. Indulge yourself and allow an entire day to dedicate to your wellbeing. There is no rush here. 

This month’s Snail Mail theme is Adventure Can Wait.

Adventure can wait. It's not going anywhere and neither are you with this snail mail! You can enjoy this adventurous mail while staying cosy in your own home. Think 'Pirates of the Caribbean', 'Peter Pan' & 'The Mummy'- big adventures while staying in your PJ's.

What To Expect:

  • Activities that will take a day or so to complete
  • Paper goods such as bookmarks, stickers, art prints etc
  • A personal letter and reading material
  • Bonus goodies that change each time
  • All packaged within a personalised envelope

This is a very personal endeavour that I hope you will enjoy. I will be heavily curating what goes into each theme with the intention that receiving your Snail Mail will be a connection similar to penpals, that you enjoy receiving each month.

To subscribe and receive a discount plus extra monthly bonuses, head to my Patreon (AU  only)

COVID UPDATE - Shipping delays are occurring worldwide. This product is intended to be enjoyed whenever it is received, with no rush needed. Within Australia, shipping is taking an extra 2 weeks on top of usual times. Outside of Australia is taking an extra 4-6 weeks. 

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