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July's Belle Box - Sassenach

Och, aye that's right! We are pleased to announce that the theme for July’s Belle Box is: Sassenach. It will contain themed items inspired by our favourite highlanders, Jamie & Claire. 

Let our Belle Box whisk you away to Lallybroch! 

Packaged in our Belle box, the Sassenach Belle Box contains:

  • 1 x exclusive jewellery item 
  • 1 x additional jewellery item
  • 2 x accessories
  • a bookmark designed by Belle
  • bonus goodies still in development

All goodies are handmade in our studio in Melbourne. Get yours here!

Worth over $70 all together. Extremely limited, we won't be able to renew it once it sells out. The exclusive items will never be sold again, they are only available through this box!

We will be curating a playlist to listen to while opening your box which we will share as we get closer to the ship date. 

And over on StudioBelleDesign- we have themed our July shirt to match the Belle Box theme! It will be released on StudioBelleDesign on the 1st of July, available for the entire month. 

I hope you love the theme this month, we are very excited about it!

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